Aircraft Maintenance Services

Aircraft Maintenance Services

At STS Aviation Services International, we pride ourselves on having the expertise and the ability that’s needed
to react to your business requirements either in an AOG setting or as a partner at your base maintenance facility.

Our Services Include:

  • Aircraft Fuel System Repairs
  • Aircraft Structural Repairs & Modifications
  • Base Maintenance
  • Fuel System Testing
  • Fuel Tank Surveys
  • Worldwide AOG Fuel Leak Recovery

We also manage long-term bespoke projects while working directly with you and your engineering teams.

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Rapid-Response Fuel Tank Teams

At STS Aviation Services International, it’s our business to know everything we can about aircraft fuel tanks. In fact, our Rapid Response teams are engineers and technicians who possess the experience and knowledge needed to support aircraft types such as:

  • Airbus: A300, 310, 319, 320, 321, 330, 340, 380
  • Boeing: 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787
  • DC6, DC8, DC9, DC10 and MD11
  • BAE 146 and RJ series, BAE ATP and BAC 1-11
  • Lockheed L1011
  • Fokker 100, 50, 70
  • And So Many More

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  • Our Quality Standards

    STS Aviation Services International is widley known for its excellent operational standards. And as an AS9110 accredited company, we take pride in delivering professional aircraft repairs to clients all over the world!

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  • Contaminated Fuel Cleaning

    Our Fuel Tank Repair Service is not just for leaks and component changes. In fact, we also tackle some of the most unpleasant tasks that can occur in a fuel tank; things like contaminated fuel.

    Customers have been delighted with the results that we’ve achieved through our Tank Cleaning Service that aides in the prevention of severe damage to your aircraft. Click the button below now to learn more.

  • A330-200-MRTT

    STS Aviation Services International is only one of a handful of approved Airbus A330 MRTT maintenance organizations in the world! This approval has allowed our teams to successfully perform “Enter Into Service” line maintenance as well as major base maintenance at various customer facilities. These activities are solely carried out for Airbus Defence and Space. Our teams have also performed everything from inspections to AD/SB embodiment at the preferred customer destinations.

    Deploying specialist teams all around the world, STS Aviation International leverages it’s “satellite” networks throughout North America and Europe to offer rapid and effective solutions that reduce the impact on aircraft down time. These services can be replicated across all platforms. Contct us today to learn more!


    The P3 Orion has undergone many life extension programmes and one such programme was the wing modification upgrade AFB356 Rev B. This heavy structural maintenance programme was successfully carried out across the fleet. The whole programme was executed “in country” by STS Aviation International Technicians and Management. STS Aviation Services International has carried out Planned Depot Level Maintenance (PDLMs) or C checks at various customer sites, and our teams can successfully run “enter into service” line support post heavy maintenance. Contact our teams today to learn more!

  • Mobile, Rapid-Response Teams

    For many years, STS Aviation Services International has deployed mobile, rapid response teams all over the world to carry out aircraft repairs and modifications for the commerical and military sectors. STS Aviation Services International offers fully bespoke packages “in the field”, and we deploy our AOG teams all over the world. Click the button below now to learn more and / or request support!

  • Wing Tank Refurbishment

    As world leaders in wing tank refurbishment, STS Aviation Services International uses state-of-the-art water jetting equipment to remove old and ineffective sealants and bring the aero structure within the wing tank to a clean and “ready to reseal” finish. With the wing tanks fully clean and sealant free, STS Aviation International’s personnel apply base primers and reapply the latest technology sealants to offer aged aircraft a factory new fuel seal.

    All our refurbishments come with a full twelve months guarantee or 600 flight hours, which ever comes first. To learn more and / or request support, please click the button below now.

  • Fuel Cell Repair

    To complement our capabilities, STS Aviation Group, our parent company, has a FAA/EASA approved fuel cell repair shop in the United States. Capabilities at this shop include most fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our enhanced turn-times and competitive pricing enable us to win business globally, and we are Airbus North America approved for its ACT range of auxiliary fuel tanks. Click the button below now to learn more!